What we do

We create deeply immersive VR content which can be experienced on low cost, mobile VR helmets.

The proprietary system creates a series 360° videos showing the same scene, containing thousand of computer generated actors in a realistic historical setting, viewed from different points. You are able to seamlessly switch between these points of view and fully experience the event. Finally you can answer the question what would I have seen if I had been here all those years ago.

Our target customers

Our target customers are the operators of historical sites such as the battlefields of Waterloo, Gettysburg or Pompeii and the Roman Forum. Our approach to creating and experiencing the content allows the use of low-cost VR headsets while delivering a high quality experience


Tested with 150 users so far

Extensive testing with a wide range of users is extremely important in order to create an experience that is easy to use and highly attractive to as many people as possible.