Join the Pan Immersion team

We are a start-up located in Antwerp, Belgium. We are looking for talented people to join our team. We have vacancies for 3D developers and 3D artists. If you are passionate about Virtual Reality and want to part of an ambitious team aiming to transform how people experience history, we would love to hear from you.

We are looking for hires as well as freelancers. We can also provide internships to selected candidates.

3D Developer

We are developing a platform based on the Unity game engine to generate photo realistic VR content, particularly in the form of panoramic videos. An application running on mobile VR headsets,  the Pico G2 and the Oculus GO, combines a VR interface with the video content to provide a highly interactive and immersive experience for the end user.

We need you to work on the development of this content generation platform using the latest state-of-the-art techniques for procedural generation as well as developing the VR interactive layer on the VR headsets for an optimal user experience.

3D Artist

We aim to create highly believable, near photo-realistic content.

We are looking for character artists and environmental artists. Experience with Maya, Substance Painter and Unity or Unreal Engine is required.


What we are looking for

– Senior and junior profiles

– You are passionate about virtual reality and 

   want to make to bring it to a large audience

– You are interested in learning new things and growing in the process

– You enjoy a challenge and are not afraid of risk.

– You can work in teams and enjoy a dynamic work environment 

– You have a bachelor or master degree

– Experience in game development or a related field is an asset.

What we offer

– An opportunity to work for a small start-up with

   the ambition to change the world

– The chance to work with the latest innovations

– The opportunity to part of building something new

– Responsibility and freedom to innovate

– A competitive salary with growth opportunities

Please send us an email with explaining your motivation for applying and a CV with relevant professional details.

You should also mention whether you are applying for a fixed or a freelance position or an internship.

You can send your email to:-